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Bed Bug Cleaning

The infestation of bed bugs in the United States has reached higher proportions than has been seen in half a century, and nowhere is this as evident as it is in New York. Carpet cleaning (and upholstery cleaning) is even more of a necessity now than it was ever before. In hotels, dorms, homes and businesses – these bugs are making a comeback.

In America, it was thought that bed bugs were exterminated thirty years ago, but since then, they have become even more resistant to common pesticides, and are harder to kill. Because they can live for a year without eating and they can travel to almost any climate, they have spread anywhere that people commonly travel – like hotels and airports.

Rather than quarantining yourself in your home or suffering through an infestation, consider the benefits of a clean carpet environment. Exterminators can help you get rid of the problem, but your house will reek of chemicals well after the bed bugs are gone. After you have eradicated the bugs, you will want to make sure your home is clean and sanitary. It will take a team of professionals, made up of our NYC carpet cleaning experts and exterminators to help you feel at home in your house again.

As world travel has picked up, so have the bed bugs. A transient population is the main reason for this resurgence, and the pests are even found in posh resorts and upscale hotel chains. In the mid-priced hotels across the nation, 25% had an infestation. Originally, the pesticide DDT (which is now banned) helped put out the bugs here in America, but through global travel, they are once again on our shores.

Because they hide in mattresses, pillows, curtains and carpets, hiring a company to do your carpet cleaning in New York is an excellent idea. The exterminator will most heavily focus on these areas, and they tend to hold scents longer than other less porous materials.

In 2003, the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development issued 82 violation notices for bedbugs, but last year, that number skyrocketed to 4,811. In just the first few months of this year, already 1,976 violation notices have been issued. These statistics only apply to the rental market, and as such are only a small fraction of total bed bug cases.

Whether bed bugs are something you are currently battling or something you hope to prevent, hiring a New York carpet cleaning company is a good step towards cleanliness and a sanitary house.

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